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A 16-Year-Old Girl Survived the Guaviare Bombing in Colombia

  • Soldiers assist a girl who survived an airstrike, Colombia, 2021.

    Soldiers assist a girl who survived an airstrike, Colombia, 2021. | Photo: Twitter/ @alextinta

Published 24 March 2021

Early this month, the Colombian Army struck "Gentil Duarte" militias killing at least 14 people, some of whom were minors. 

Colombian Army members reported a 16-year-old survivor from the bombing of an irregular armed group's camp on March 2 in the Guaviare department.


Maduro Orders "Zero Tolerance" With Colombian Armed Groups

The girl turned herself to soldiers patrolling a zone in the Calamar municipality, where she spent 20 days hiding in the jungle and feeding on wild fruits.

After conducting medical examinations on the minor, the Calamar Family Police Station transferred her protection to the Family Welfare Institute. The finding of this survivor on Monday confirms minors' presence in the camp at the moment of the attack, a fact that had been rejected by the Military.

It is not the first case showing the Colombian Army's indiscriminate use of force against irregular groups. There was also a bombing in Caqueta where seven minors died in 2019.

The latest actions against "Gentil Duarte" militias claimed the life of at least 14 people, including several minors, in the Calamar municipality early this month.

Defense Minister Diego Molano's comments on the attack unleashed critics since he classified children in the irregular military camps as "war machines" against which the legitimate use of force "must be used."

"To consider a minor as a war machine falls apart all the constitutional duty and the State's responsibility to guarantee human rights," the Humanity in Force President Olga Silva said.

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