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In this ongoing series, teleSUR English aims to counter the distorted coverage with interviews, film and culture, history, and critical analysis.

The mainstream and private media’s news coverage for the continent of Africa gives a distorted and racist image of the diverse peoples and situations there. Through the language used, the prioritizing of Western “experts” over local ones, over-covering stories of war and disease and omitting stories where people on the continent are protagonists and active, and ignoring a historical context of colonization, abuse, and robbery by the West, many people have a condescending view of Africa. 

In Pictures: African Thinkers 

Celebrating great artists, writers, revolutionaries, organizers, leaders, scientists, and more from across the African continent. Click on the link to view.


Exposing Charities in Africa: Hypocrisy, Racism, Objectification

Despite their image, charities are among the worst organizations for the continent of Africa. Prepare to get really angry. Read more...

Resisting the Legacy of the Arab Slave Trade

For the past fourteen centuries Arab, Turkish, Persian and some African nations and empires have conducted the Arab slave trade, also known as the “Islamic Empire slave trade” or “Eastern slave trade.” This slave trade was practiced primarily in North Africa, the Horn of Africa and in what is today known as the Middle East, as well as in southern Europe. Read more...

From Nigeria to Netflix: African Cinema

In the country that now represents Africa's largest economy, Nigeria’s film industry has exploded in recent years, outstripping the more established Hollywood and Bollywood in various statistics. Read more...

Nollywood: A Primer

teleSUR’s guide for Nollywood virgins: What is Nollywood about? And in an industry where some 50 films are produced each week, where should you begin? Read more...

An Interview with Nollywood Screenwriter Vivian Chiji

“What we lack in funds, we make up for in passion.” Read more...

Debunking the Africa Misconceptions

​Throughout history, Africa has been poorly understood by Europe, and today the country is subjected to a plethora of misconceptions from outside onlookers, particularly the private media. We take on seven of the most prolific Africa misconceptions, from poverty and aid, to ancient history and apartheid. Read more...

A Common History, A Common Cause

The continents of Africa and South America share deep-seated cultural, ethnic and historical ties. Over the centuries, cultures in both landmasses have influenced each other to varying degrees, as countries from both regions constructed ideologies based on the shared experience of foreign imperialism and a desire to achieve cultural, economic and political independence. Read more...

Finding Africa in the US

African song, dance, taste and language have all been welcomed into many aspects of U.S. culture, even when the actual people of African descent have not been. Read more...

9 Jaw-Droppingly Terrible Quotes About Africa

​From suspect slips of the tongue to outright racism, commentary in the West on Africa all too often misses the mark. Here are some of the shonkiest, wonkiest and most unpalatable sound-bites on Africa from prominent figures in recent years. These are some of the lousiest remarks from people with some of the lousiest opinions on Africa, which, unfortunately, reflect a broader naivety and racism in the U.S. and other Western countries. Read more...

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