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UN: Antonio Guterres Concerned Over World Demonstrations

  • "There can be no excuses for violence" Guterres stated. | Photo: xinhua

Published 26 October 2019

General Secretary stressed that the negative effects of globalization and new technologies have increased inequalities within societies

UN General Secretary Antonio Guterres expressed his concern for violence and life losses due to the repression by governments during the current worldwide “wave of demonstrations.” 


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During a meeting with press, Guterres said that the phenomenon extends all the way “from Middle East to Latin America and the Caribbean, and from Europe to Africa and Asia.” He urged political leaders to "listen to people's problems and address the growing inequality that motivates many of the protests."

After urging to think about the underlying factors, which is mainly inequality, said Guterres. 

"People want equal conditions, including social, economic and financial systems that work for everyone," pronounced the international leader,

The head of the U.N. people want social and economic justice, respect for their human rights and participation in the decisions that affect them.

Guterres emphasized that there is a growing deficit of trust between people and the political class and a growing threat to the social contract.

The general secretary also stressed that the negative effects of globalization have increased inequalities within societies and condemned excessive use of force against protesters. "Governments have an obligation to respect freedom of expression and peaceful assembly, as well as to safeguard civic spaces."

He said that security forces must act with restraint and adherence to international human rights laws.​​​​​​​

"There can be no excuses for violence from any group," he pointed out, adding that "our world needs action and ambition to build a fair globalization, strengthen social cohesion and address the climate crisis."​​​​​​​

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