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Russian Minister Accuses U.S. of Openly Plundering Syrian Oil

  • A convoy of U.S. soldiers in Syria during the U.S. intervention in the Syrian Civil War, December 2018.

    A convoy of U.S. soldiers in Syria during the U.S. intervention in the Syrian Civil War, December 2018.

Published 19 February 2020

The U.S. military deployment is centered around the oil fields in eastern Syria.

The United States openly controls and plunders the oil fields belonging to Syria and its people, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu said on Tuesday.

Russian Ministers Meet With Italian Counterparts in Rome

 "The Syrian oil fields, the territories where the precious substance is produced, are controlled by the United States. There is shameless plundering of the riches that belong to Syria and the Syrian people," denounced Russia's defense minister in Rome, Italy.

Shoigu, who traveled to Italy with Russian Foreign Minister Sergei Lavrov to attend a 2+2 meeting with their Italian counterparts Luigi Di Maio and Lorenzo Guerini, also condemned U.S. sanctions that prevent oil supplies to the Syrians.

"That country needs fuel to have heat, hot water, and electricity. The United States, in addition to plundering their oil fields, prohibits them from supplying this substance," he said during a press conference after the meeting with the Italian ministers.

The main people affected by the conflict between the two countries is Syrian civilians, and this situation must be reversed as soon as possible, he concluded.

The denunciation bythe high Russian representatives adds to the repeated alerts of the Syrian government about the flagrant U.S. pillaging of the oil resources of that nation in the face of international silence.

Syrian President Bashar al-Assad recently condemned the illegal presence of the U.S. in Syria. Washington's obsession with Syria's oil demonstrates the evident Nazi-style policies of President Donald Trump, Assad said.

Although on October 6, the head of the White House announced the withdrawal of American soldiers from northeast Syria, afterward he reversed the decision. He ordered that a "small number of soldiers" remain in the Arab country "in areas where there is oil" but without any solid legal argument to justify their stay in the country.

Currently, six of the 16 U.S. bases already evacuated are once again full of personnel, according to the Turkish news agency Anadolu. This new U.S. military deployment, according to the Turkish media, is centered around the oil fields in eastern Syria.

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