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Uruguay Denies Asylum to Former President of Peru Alan Garcia

  • Former President of Peru Alan Garcia has been denied asylum in Uruguay.

    Former President of Peru Alan Garcia has been denied asylum in Uruguay. | Photo: Reuters

Published 3 December 2018

The government of Uruguay did not accept Alan Garcia's argument that he is being politically persecuted and urged the former Peruvian president to leave its embassy in Lima.

President Tavare Vazquez accounced this Monday that his country will not provide asylum to Peru's ex-President Alan Garcia, who is currently under investigation for money laundering and collusion.


Human Rights Orgs Ask Uruguay to Deny Asylum to Alan Garcia.

The Uruguayan leader communicated his government's decision alongside Ambassador Rodolfo Nin Novoa.

Vazquez proclaimed that the investigations against Garcia in Peru did not constitute "political persecution" and that the measure was "strictly lawful."

In addition, the governement of Uruguay asked the former president to leave their embassy in Lima.

Garcia is accused of commiting "illicit agreements" during the bidding process of Line 1 of Lima's Metro favoring the Brazilian construction firm Oderbrecht during his last presidential term (2006-2011).

According to the allegations, Garcia had received US$100,000 of Oderbrecht funds via a lawyer, Jose Americo Spinola, acting as intermediary for their firm, taking payment for a conference that took place in Brazil.

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