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'Occupied Territories' Bombs Damascus: Syrian State Media

  • The state television channel did not immediately report casualties or material damage.

    The state television channel did not immediately report casualties or material damage. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 May 2019

SANA reporter: Syria's air defense targets 'luminous objects coming from occupied territories (and) shoots them down.' 

Syrian media reports that its aerial defense system shot down "luminous objects" coming from the "occupied territories." 


US Military Placed on High Alert over Iranian 'Threats' in Iraq

Military sources tell Syrian Arab News Agency (SANA) that "hostile targets" came down "from the direction of Quneitra and (were) dealt with."

At least one of the alleged missiles were downed by air force personnel, a cell phone recording of the incident taken from Damascus shows.


Anti-Air attacks intercepts various objects from the Occupied Palestinian Territory

Local media and the Syrian military believe the attacks were orchestrated by Israeli forces, although nothing has been officially confirmed.

Yet, the Syrian Observatory for Human Rights, a Britain-based war monitor, also reported the said blasts were caused by Israeli rocket fire targeting areas around the Syrian capital.

A preliminary report tweeted by Political Analyst Eva Koulouriotis reported that Israeli warplanes targeted "at least two sites belonging to the Iranian Revolutionary Guards south and south-west of the Syrian capital."

There was no immediate comment from Israel, but it has been increasingly open in recent months about targeting sites in Syria that it says are connected to Damascus’ close allies Iran and Hezbollah.

The region's continued violence, particularly in the western Syrian states caused concern from international parties during Friday's U.N. Security Council meeting.

The United Nations bemoaned the ongoing conflict and has already suspended activities in 49 health centers for fear of possible attacks. Over 20 schools have been destroyed, damaged or closed. The U.N. warned of a possibly humanitarian crisis unfolding in Syria if the attacks continue.

U.N. humanitarian affairs coordinator Mark Lowcock, said, "When I briefed you here on 18 September, I said a full-scale military onslaught could result in the worst humanitarian tragedy of the 21st century. Despite our warnings, our worst fears are now coming true."

Some 370,000 people have died and millions displaced since the Syrian war began in 2011.

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