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Mexico: Photos Implicate Police in Death of Two Teenage Girls

  • The picture shows one of the girls sitting on the street, representing no danger to police officers. March 10, 2018.

    The picture shows one of the girls sitting on the street, representing no danger to police officers. March 10, 2018. | Photo: Twitter

Published 14 March 2018

New images circulating on social media suggest at least one of the girls was sitting on the street unarmed when shot in the head.

New images circulating on social media appear to further implicated a police commando in the deaths of Nefertiti and Grecia Camacho Martinez. Nefertiti, 14, and Grecia, 16, were on their way to the movies in the eastern Mexican state of Veracruz when they were allegedly killed by the commando on March 10. 


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According to police, the girls died after officers were fired upon during a traffic stop and returned fire killing them and one other person. However, the images, which were first published on March 12, appear to contradict the account given by officers.

The statements made by eyewitnesses, who were present at the scene have also contradicted the officers. According to these accounts, the girls were just passing by and told the officers when they were approached that they had nothing to do with the incident. Witnesses say despite this officers shot at them from close range and both died at the scene.

In the image, one of the girls can be seen sitting on the street with her head down in front of a policeman. Another image shows her lying on the same spot but covered in blood and inanimate. Witnesses say she was shot in the head by the officer and later weapons were placed near her body to support the police's version of the events.

Jose Eduardo Garcia Aguilera, who is allegedly a member of a criminal organization in Veracruz, was also killed in the shootout and the police have claimed he had a relationship with Nefertiti. Her family has, however, stated that neither of the girls knew Garcia Aguilera.

Prosecutors claim both girls fired guns, according to sodium rhodizonate forensic tests, and that Nefertiti and Garcia had the same revolver tattoo in their right hands.

“The official version is what happened. The Prosecutor is aware of that. It's not about what they say, it's about what happened. There was a shootout and these people were there. They shot, and the police answered. It's unfortunate that young women are taking part in organized crime, it's been proven that the girls were members of a criminal organization,” said Miguel Angel Yunes Linares, the governor of Veracruz.

Police Officers in Veracruz are known for its violent operations. In February a report showed that police death squads kidnapped, killed or vanished at least 15 young people, suspect of collaborating with organized crime.

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