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Facebook Censors Iranian News Network HispanTV

  • Image representing acts of censorship on Facebook.

    Image representing acts of censorship on Facebook. | Photo: Twitter/ @SMPHOLMES2021

Published 26 January 2022

The U.S. social media has permanently removed the page of an Iranian Spanish language news channel.

On Tuesday, Meta removed the Iranian news network, HispanTV, from Facebook without offering any explanation for this decision.


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It is a "new attack on freedom of expression," HispanTV said, pointing out that Facebook permanently removed a page that had over 1.4 billion followers.

Previously, the HispanTV page was temporarily blocked on October 18. On that occasion, Facebook justified its actions by arguing that the Iranian page had possibly shared pornographic content.

HispanTV described this argument as "baseless and funny" because content of that nature is even prohibited by Iranian law.

To contrast the same attacks against freedom of expression, HispanTV decided to simultaneously create other thematic accounts that continue to provide their content through links such as HispantvAsiaOccidental and Hispantv.BuenDiaAmericaLatin.

The Iranian chain is also using another alternative page: www.facebook.com/nexolatino. This Iranian alternative outlet has been censored on several occasions by U.S. tech multinationals such as Google and Instagram. A few hours ago, Facebook also blocked Sputnik Arabic, preventing it from making new posts.

The harassment against the Iranian media, however, is not limited to the HispanTV case. The account of Press TV, a Persian international English news network, was also blocked from Facebook claiming that "it was not eligible to use the social media platform."

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