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Google Blocks Hispantv's Youtube Access Again

  • Hispan TV offers and alternative to the hegemonic perspective

    Hispan TV offers and alternative to the hegemonic perspective | Photo: Hispan TV

Published 13 February 2020

Some users, after knowing the blocking against HispanTV, demonstrated their discontent on the social network Twitter

Iran's Hispan TV reported that Google once again blocked access to their Youtube account without providing a thorough explanation for the obstruction.


YouTube Censors Iranian Press, HispanTV, Press TV Targeted

According to a communication published by the Iranian media, Google alleged that this new action is based on “violations to their laws, even though they don’t offer details about it”. The Iranian media affirmed, “Hispan Tv, as other alternative media like Press Tv, had been the target of media censorship more than once”.

Some users, after knowing of the blockage of HispanTV, demonstrated their discontent on the social media network Twitter, accusing Google of not being consequent with the freedom of speech rights and monopolizing Internet contents and perspectives. 

Hispan TV, alongside Press TV, searched for an alternative broadcast for their channels, bringing about the eventual start of the Urmedium platform, designed by local engineers that provides a considerable amount of dischargeable content.

The FireEye company, Google associated, who also offers informatics security, admitted that the censorship against Iranian media is a consequence of its growing influence in the United States, Europe, and Latin America´s web users. Hispan TV´s general director, Ali Ejarehdar, condemned Google´s managers for accepting Washington hostile policies conceived to silence other voices, different from the North American ones. 

A similar act occurred on November 9th,2019, when Hispan TV denounced Israeli crimes against the Palestinian people. Back then, Urmedium was designed with the objective of response back to this kind of attack. Currently, the beta version of the app is now available, with no publicity imposition, a wide range of content and geared for video downloading. 

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