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Fridays For Future Occupies Brussels to Demand Climate Actions

  • Thousands of young people march for the climate in Brussels, Belgium, March 6, 2020

    Thousands of young people march for the climate in Brussels, Belgium, March 6, 2020 | Photo: Twitter/ @laura_sullivan

Published 6 March 2020

Thunberg denounced that the European Commission proposes to wait for years to change the current situation.

Over 3,400 Europeans marched to support the "Friday for Future" (FFF) movement and demand concrete climate policies and actions in Brussels, Belgium.


Thousands of Children Die Each Year Because of Air Pollution

The demonstration ran through the streets of the Belgian capital until it ended in the Parc du Cinquantenaire, near the European Parliament building.

"Welcome to climate change" and "Green Europe today" were some of the slogans used by the crowd which, as every Friday for a year, took to the streets to stop global warming.

The 17-year-old Swedish and FFF founder Greta Thunberg, who was nominated to the 2020 Nobel Prize, was one of the participants.

"Governments ignore the climate and environmental emergency of our times, and that reality is shameful. We live in a permanent crisis, and it is not treated as such," the young Swede condemned.

"It's time to stop the disaster that adults are causing. Otherwise, by the time we young people can take over the world, it will be too late," during the demonstration Thunberg added.

The young activist also denounced that "the climate bill approved by the European Commission proposes to wait more years to reverse the current environmental situation."

"Young people do not agree with it. We cannot afford to wait any longer," concluded.​​​​​​​

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