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FMLN Approves Resolution in Response to Crisis in El Salvador

  • The FMLN deputy for San Salvador said that the nation's security

    The FMLN deputy for San Salvador said that the nation's security "is an issue that we do care about." | Photo: @FMLNoficial

Published 9 February 2020

The convention of the Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front agreed on the creation of alliances with eyes on next year's legislative elections.

The Farabundo Marti National Liberation Front (FMLN) expressed through a resolution issued Sunday its rejection towards the recent constitutional violations committed by current President Nayib Bukele.


Salvadoran President Orders Militarization Around Congress

During the most recent convention, called "Building a Future from the Bases of the FMLN," the leftist party denounced the political crisis in El Salvador due to the irresponsible management of the president, which puts at risk the stability and legal security of the nation.

The resolution was approved by the FMLN National Convention, referring to the current situation, and includes six key points.

It expresses the total rejection of the nearly 800 participants in the event to the violation of the Constitution. It also calls for vigilance regarding the current crisis, which continues to be promoted outside the law by Bukele.

"Conditions of the current crisis, have been promoted and encouraged for purposes that are dangerous for the institutional life of the nation," the motion reads.

On the other hand, it calls on workers, young people, academics, businessmen, churches, among other sectors, to defend the Salvadoran achievements, including democracy, which has cost thousands of lives.

He [Bukele] entered a militarized Blue Hall. He asked to pray. He said that God had revealed to him. He spoke of "constitutional contempt" and gave lawmakers another week to approve the loan for security. It is evident that he is an illiterate tyrant, clown, and populist.

Finally, they called on the militancy to remain alert and to defend the popular interests of their country, as well as the social and political achievements accomplished by the Salvadoran people over many generations. Also, the convention agreed on the creation of alliances and coalitions with eyes on next year's municipal and legislative elections.

The FMLN sent a message to Bukele, in which they assure that they will not accept pressure, and pointed out that recent presidential measures and arrogance are only typical of a dictatorship.

This comes as Bukele stuck to his threat and enacted article 87 - the right for insurrection -, arguing that the constitutional order was broken since lawmakers didn’t follow his orders. The president then called for popular "insurrection" summoning a "citizen concentration" for Sunday afternoon, to pressure lawmakers to approve a US109 million loan for a national security program.

On Sunday, police and military personnel barged into the building of Congress, which was ordered by Bukele to meet for an extraordinary session, despite rejection by experts, lawmakers and even El Salvador's chapter of the Iberoamerican Institute of Constitutional Law due to the unconstitutionality of the request. 

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