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Nicaraguan Government Denounces US Arbitrary Coercive Measures

  • The Nicaraguan government denounced the sanctions placed by the United States

    The Nicaraguan government denounced the sanctions placed by the United States | Photo: Twitter/@WPoliticNews

Published 9 June 2021

The Government of Reconciliation and National unity of Nicaragua denounced the announcement by the U.S. Treasury Department Wednesday to sanction multiple high-level Nicaraguan officials.

Below, teleSUR English reproduces in full the declaration of the Nicaraguan government repudiating the fresh round of U.S. sanctions against leaders of the sovereign Central American nation.

"The Imperialist and Colonialist Government of the United States of America has just pronounced itself, as has been and is its style of interfering in the Internal Affairs of our Countries, dictating Illegal, Arbitrary, Coercive and Unilateral Measures, against Nicaraguan Citizens whose only crime is to represent, very highly, the Dignity and Heroism of our People.


Daniel Ortega Warns Opposition Against Calling for Sanctions

The Government of Reconciliation and National Unity strongly protests this repeated violation of the International Instruments that govern the Sovereign Right of the States, as we do not recognize ourselves as a Colony of any Power; we revindicate our National Dignity and Decorum, in legitimate defense of our Self-Determination, against the United States of North America and any other Colonialist and Neocolonialist Entity, that at this point in Life, continues to believe they have the power to subjugate and humiliate our Independence.

In the Bicentennial Year, and from the Brave and Courageous Memory of Resistance to the Yankees in all their ignoble presentations, Nicaragua, Blessed and Forever Free, once again takes its positions in the History of Homeland and Freedom, from the Spiritual Intelligence and Coherence of the Greatest Nicaraguans, Geniuses and Patriots, Rubén Darío and Augusto Sandino.

This new violation of the Sovereignty of Nicaragua, only confirms what we have denounced about the treasonist pretensions and terrorist usurping actions, which since the attempted coup of 2018 have been accentuated. We affirm our historical reasoning, precisely in these days, when the main conspirators and actors of that terrorist coup, sponsored by the United States and other Imperial Powers, are facing Justice, as the Nicaraguan People have so demanded."

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