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Suspects in Fatima Femicide Case Arrested in Mexico

  • Coffin of Fatima, the murdered 7-year-old Mexican girl

    Coffin of Fatima, the murdered 7-year-old Mexican girl | Photo: Xin Hua

Published 20 February 2020

Their housing unit was also located in Xochimilco, the same zone that Fatima resided in.

The main suspects in the Fátima case were captured on Wednesday after the social pressure on the government and police authorities increased. The anti-femicide movement´s claims increased after the 7-year-old girl disappeared and was founded dead last Saturday. 


Mexico's Chamber of Deputies Increases Penalty for Femicides

The suspects presumably responsible for the minor's murder were detained in a periphery zone of Mexico state, in the capital perimeter, as the Ciudad México major, Claudia Sheinbaum, published on her Twitter profile. As the functionary informed, the capture was performed by the National Guard and state authorities.  

Their names were revealed as Gladis Giovana Cruz Hernández and Mario Alberto Reyes Nájera. The investigators identified the female aggressor using a security video that showed the moment of Fatima’s kidnapping from school. Their housing was also located in Xochimilco, the same zone Fatima resided in, revealed the spokesperson of the General Justice Prosecutor’s Office, Ulises Lara.​​​​​​​

Among other details, Lara also said that according to the investigation, it is deductible that the two implicated had a sentimental relationship. Both of them can face a conviction of 80 to 140 years, after the anti-femicide law reforms.

Those legal amendments were the administrative response to the popular claims to endure the penalties for women assassins.

Fátima  Aldrghett's s case was the catalyzer for the social protests to pressure the government to prevent gender violence in México, where an estimated 10 women are killed each day.

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