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China Develops New Technologies to Contain the Coronavirus

  • Chinese kid with robot.

    Chinese kid with robot. | Photo: Reuters

Published 10 February 2020

The government developed an application to warn users when they are at risk of contracting the coronavirus.

All present data points to the fact that the coronavirus (2019-nCoV ) spreads between people who make contact with each other, which makes the study and comprehension of this illness incredibly important.. To stop the spread of this epidemic, which has already resulted in 908 deaths, minimizing human contact is essential, so the Chinese government is redoubling its efforts to develop new technologies to help contain the number of sick people.


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That is why the General Office of the State Council, the National Health Commission and the Corporations of the Electronic Technology Group of China joined forces to develop a mobile application that warns users when they are at imminent risk of contracting the deadly coronavirus.

The "close contact detector" will let users know the people with whom they have recently been in contact with, and who in turn shared the same office, classroom or home with confirmed coronavirus patients, or was traveling with them on the same air-conditioned flight or train.

To access the application, it is only required a username phone number, and civil identification, the Chinese authorities said on Monday.

Its use in China, where there are already more than 17,000 affected, is very timely, as it has been made available on dates when much of the population is returning to work after an extended Lunar New Year holiday.

This is not the first attempt by the Chinese government to save lives during the coronavirus outbreak through the development of technologies, at the Guangdong Provincial People's Hospital in southern China, robots are used to open and close doors and take the elevator independently to deliver medicine to patients, according to Chinese public television CGTN.

Also, at a hotel in Hangzhou, in eastern China, an autonomous robot is responsible for delivering food to about 200 quarantined people, who are isolated as a preventive measure after traveling on the same plane as passengers in Wuhan, Xinhua reported.

Besides, a Chinese community uses a drone with thermal cameras to take the temperature of the residents without them having to leave their homes.

“This Chinese community uses a drone equipped with thermal cameras to take the temperature of the neighbors without them having to leave their homes and thus prevent the spread of #Wuhan coronavirus.”

Although the use of technologies can help contain the spread of the virus, experts insist that to avoid any viral illness, we wash our hands frequently and do not go to school or the office when we are sick. Most healthy people do not need masks, and stockpiling them may contribute to periods of shortage for health workers who do.

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