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Bolsonaro Reiterates Willingness to Meet With Alberto Fernandez

  • Brazilian mandatary, Jair Bolsonaro

    Brazilian mandatary, Jair Bolsonaro | Photo: Xin hua

Published 19 February 2020

This is the third occasion that the Brazilian President expressed his wish to meet the Argentinian Chief-of-State

Although Jair Bolsonaro, Brazil's right-wing President, has not maintained the best relations with the administration of Argentine President Alberto Fernández, he has expressed his willingness to meet with his counterpart.  


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After he received the Argentinian chancellor Felipe Solá last week, Bolsonaro announced his meeting with Fernandez will take place in Montevideo on March 1st, which is the same day that Luis Lacalle will assume  power in Uruguay.

On his side, the Argentinian mandatary excused himself from that event because of the beginning of the legislative year in his nation. 

“There´s an event in Argentina that day, I think it is the beginning of the legislative year or something like that, and he (Fernandez) hardly will appear.  I said I could delay my return, in case that he (Fernandez) was to give prestige to Lacalle's assumption. But it seems now will be no time to comply that agenda” said the Brazilian President to communication media. 

Bolsonaro also expressed his desire for a good relationship with Mercosur and Argentina, having “democracy and liberty above everything”.  About his possible encounter with Fernandez and its re-schedule, he added that “it will depend on the chancellors”. 

Bolsonaro also articulated his intentions to help in the recovery of the Argentinian economy and with FMI´s negotiations, to gain a “strong and not Bolivarian commercial partner”. Also, the right-wing Brazilian leader expressed his conformity with the interest that Argentinian chancellor showed for the approval of the Mercosur- European Union.
After he refused to attend Fernandez's assumption of power last December and expressed his sympathy to Macri, this is the third occasion that the Brazilian mandatary indicates his wish to meet the Argentinian Chief of State. 

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