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Brazilian Judge Sergio Moro to Face Investigation on Conduct

  • Judge Sergio Moro at a press conference in Curitiba, Brazil on Nov. 6.

    Judge Sergio Moro at a press conference in Curitiba, Brazil on Nov. 6. | Photo: EFE

Published 10 November 2018

National Council of Justice asked Sergio Moro to present information on his acceptance to command the Ministry of Justice and Public Security.

Brazilian Judge Humberto Martins has ordered Sergio Moro, within 15 days, to offer a formal explanation regarding his intentions with regards to his possible future as the country's Minister of Justice and Public Security. 


Brazil: Sergio Moro, 'Lula's Jailer,' New Justice Minister

Brazilians have requested that the National Council of Justice (CNJ) verify if Moro's acceptance of President-elect Jair Bolsonaro's invitation could be conceived of as political activity.

"To enable a better understanding of the facts, I determine that the represented (Sergio Moro) be notified to provide information in 15 days," the magistrate said, according to CNJ press release. 

Martins explained that he gathered all the requests for the investigation of Moro's conduct in a single action to avoid a "repetition of procedural acts" that would verify "homologous events" and represent a "waste of human and material resources."

In one of those requests, the Brazilian Association of Jurists for Democracy affirmed that Moro would have violated the Magistracy Ethics Code by "initiating negotiations to exercise another public office even during the exercise of the position of magistrate."

For its part, the Workers Party, which was helmed by former President Luiz Inacio Lula da Silva who was convicted by Bolsonaro's forthcoming Minister of Justice, accused Moro of being biased and of "interfering in an improper manner in the electoral process, always with the objective of harming the Party of the Workers and their candidacies." 

Moro, who is on vacation to "avoid unnecessary controversies," said that he would resign from his post as a federal magistrate in January.

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