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Xiaomi Is Now the Largest Cell Phone Manufacturer in the World

  • Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung to take top spot in European phone shipments in Q2 of 2021.

    Xiaomi has overtaken Samsung to take top spot in European phone shipments in Q2 of 2021. | Photo: Twitter/@verge

Published 5 August 2021

For the first time, Xiaomi is ahead of Samsung in the number of cell phones sold. This happened during the month of June, according to data from analysts at Counterpoint Research.

A few weeks ago, the firm Canalys reported that Xiaomi had become the second-largest manufacturer in the world by overtaking Apple, being very close to Samsung. Now, what was already anticipated seems to have come true: Xiaomi is already the world's largest cell phone manufacturer, with a 17.1% share, according to Counterpoint.

Xiaomi's growth over the years has been steady. While Samsung and Apple's lead depends on the month and cycle of their phones, little by little Xiaomi has been selling more units until finally taking advantage of a moment of low form of its two main rivals. It is quite possible that during the coming months, Samsung or Apple will regain ground again, but independently it is a remarkable milestone that Xiaomi has obtained this first place.


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With a growth of 26% compared to the previous month, the month of June 2021 becomes the month of highest growth for the Chinese manufacturer, a leap that allows it to break the dynamics of the top-selling manufacturers and place first during the month of June and second overall in the second quarter of 2021—still behind Samsung.

Since its creation in 2011, Xiaomi has sold nearly 800 million smartphones, as described by Counterpoint analysts.

Canalys already pointed to one of the reasons for this growth: the average prices of Xiaomi smartphones are 40% cheaper than those of Samsung and up to 75% cheaper than those of Apple. Another reason pointed out this time by Counterpoint is the fall of Huawei, where Xiaomi has been able to occupy its space progressively.

In May 2021, and according to the same analysts, Xiaomi already managed in Spain to become the first manufacturer in our country. After a growth of 24% in one year, Xiaomi has a 35% share in Spain, surpassing Samsung's 34%, a very tight battle.

Another reason given by Counterpoint is the impact of the new wave of the pandemic in Vietnam, which caused Samsung's production and its A series to be interrupted, with three of its 16 factories being closed.

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