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We Don't Want Another Vietnam War in Latin America: Maduro

  • "I ask for the support of the people of the United States so that there will not be a new Vietnam," President Nicolas Maduro said. | Photo: Reuters

Published 30 January 2019

"I call the conscience, I call for your solidarity," President Nicolas Maduro said, addressing U.S. citizens.

The citizens of the United States are bigger than President Donald Trump, Venezuela President Nicolas Maduro said Tuesday in a Facebook video, imploring they take steps to avoid another Vietnam war.


Oil Gains on Tighter US Supply, Venezuela Sanctions

"I am Nicolas Maduro and I want to send a message to the people of the United States, to alert them to the media war, psychological communication that takes place in the international media and especially in the US media, against Venezuela," the president said.

"I call on the conscience, I call on your solidarity, I call on you to an awakening of the truth: we will not allow a Vietnam in Latin America. If the United States intends to intervene, they will have a Vietnam worse than you could ever imagine," Maduro said.

The Bolivarian nation will not let the U.S. “put its hands” on the country’s vast oil reserves “as they did in Iraq or in Libya,” the president said.

Maduro continued, "Do not allow President Donald Trump and the group of extremists around him, John Bolton, Mike Pompeo, the CIA, Mike Pence, to convince you of his lies about Venezuela, the coup they support, or their 'support' for the people of Venezuela in their struggle for democracy."

In an interview, Wednesday, the head of state explained that the United States’s show of concern for Venezuela was only to distract from their interest in the country’s reserves in oil, water, gold, gas, diamonds, coltan, aluminum, and iron.

The president’s statement was substantiated by U.S. National Security Adviser John Bolton who confessed in an interview with Fox News Tuesday that oil was the U.S.’s only reason behind supporting the coup led by Juan Guaido on Jan. 23.

“It will make a big difference to the United States economically if we could have American oil companies invest in and produce the oil capabilities in Venezuela,” Bolton said.

In his Facebook video, Maduro said, "I expect a lot from you, a citizen of the United States, and I ask for the support of the people of the United States so that there will not be a new Vietnam, much less here in our America,” he said, adding that the country is embodied and strengthened by the workers on the ground.

“I ask for peace, I ask for respect. I am sure that we are going to follow the path of history, because we are in the right place in history,” Maduro said in closing.

The U.S. has backed Guaido since last week when he illegally declared himself the "interim president" of Venezuela and recognized him as a self-proclaimed chief of state.

Maduro and the Venezuelan people are resisting this coup attempt by the interventionist North American country.

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