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WFP Warns Children's Education Affected by Food Crisis

  • "Hunger is one of the biggest obstacles to effective learning," said UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown. Sep. 16, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@menbert_

Published 16 September 2022

One hundred fifty-three million children under 18 are being affected by the global food crisis, according to the UN World Food Program (WFP).

The WFP warned of the "devastating consequences for their education" and called for strengthening health and nutrition programs in schools, expanding safety nets and a substantial donor response.

345 Million Acutely Food Insecure People Worldwide - WFP

UN Special Envoy for Global Education Gordon Brown warned of hunger's danger to school children. "Hunger is one of the biggest obstacles to effective learning." 

The WFP referred to the lack of learning experienced during the COVID-19 pandemic with the closure of schools, noting that the current crisis could exacerbate this problem. 

WFP, the New Partnership for Africa's Economic Development (NEPAD), including the Education Commission chaired by Brown, calls for an action plan to restore pre-pandemic school feeding programs.

The following Monday, New York City will host the Transformative Education Summit, which Brown says is "a critical opportunity to address the hunger crisis."

To cover 73 million more children, the agencies are asking for 5.8 billion dollars annually. This would allow for expanded child and maternal health programs, support for out-of-school children, and greatermore significantinvestment in safety nets.   

WFP School Programs Division Director Carmen Burbano said that "the link between hunger and missed learning opportunities needs to be higher on the international agenda." In contrast, SpeakUpAfrica founder and CEO Yacine Diop Djibo said, "Prioritizing school health is a good economic and social investment." 


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