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Venezuela's TSJ Approves Precautionary Measures Against Guaidó

  • Lawmaker Juan Guaido

    Lawmaker Juan Guaido | Photo: Reuters

Published 29 January 2019

Tarek William Saab says that Guaido's actions have caused detrimental harm to the nation qualifying him for certain measures including a ban from traveling outside the country.  

The Supreme Court of Justice of Venezuela agreed on Tuesday the application of precautionary measures for the duration of the investigation to the opposition lawmaker in contempt Juan Guaidó, who last week proclaimed himself "interim president" of the country. The court decreed as precautionary measures against Guaidó the prohibition of leaving the country without authorization until the end of the investigation; prohibition of transferring of assets, and the blocking of bank accounts in Venezuela.

The Attorney General of Venezuela Tareck William Saab reported Tuesday afternoon that a preliminary investigation by the Public Ministry against lawmaker and president of the in-contempt National Assembly, Juan Guaido based on his responsibility in  various events that have occurred since January 22, which "have damaged the peace of the Republic, the economy and national pride" he added.


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The facts against Guaido being investigated range from violent protests with deadly results to the implication of coercive measures carried out by the United States against Venezuela. All, occurred during January of this year.

Also, the prosecutor, who was at the Supreme Court of Justice (TSJ), announced that there are precautionary measures for the duration of the investigation, which prohibits Guaido from traveling outside of the country.

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