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Venezuelan Top Prosecutor Confirms Death of Army Captain Acosta, Announces Probe

  • Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

    Attorney General Tarek William Saab. | Photo: Twitter / @MinpublicoVE

Published 30 June 2019

The country's armed forces also confirmed the death of Rafael Acosta Arévalo, who was being tried for taking part in the April 30 attempted coup, and said it would carry out its own investigation.

The Venezuela government confirmed Saturday the death of army captain Rafael Acosta Arévalo, who was charged with crimes of terrorism, sedition, and assassination as part of his participation in the April 30 coup against the government of President Nicolas Maduro, Attorney General Tarek William Saab.

Venezuela's Attorney General Tarek William Saab delivered a press conference confirming the news and said his office is carrying out an "objective, independent and impartial" investigation into his death. 

Also, the country's Minister of Communication and Information Jorge Rodríguez confirmed that Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro has asked Saab to execute a "complete and exhaustive investigation" to clarify the details surrounding Acosta's death.

Meanwhile, the Venezuelan National Armed Forces issued a statement in which it lamented the death of the army man and said that the man had fainted before the trial hearing. Despite efforts by the medical services of the "Dr. Vicente Salias" Hospital, the army captian lost his life hours after arriving at the hospital, according to the Venezuelan armed forces' statement. 

It also said that internal probes are being carried out by the institution in order to determine the details of his death. 

Acosta Arévalo was part of an attempted coup d'état against the government headed by President Maduro, a plan that was carried out by the Venezuelan right led by lawmaker Juan Guaido with teh help of the U.S. and its right-wing allies in teh region, according to reports and claims by the Venezuelan government.

The attempted coup failed to realize its objectives as army and intel agents managed to foil the plan, according to evidence presented by the Venezuelan government. 

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