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Venezuelan Opposition Marches to CNE in Dismal Numbers

  • Opposition march has low turnout.

    Opposition march has low turnout. | Photo: Twitter / @Jan_Piero

Published 23 January 2017

Despite a strong social media push, only thousands attended the opposition march.

The first march of 2017 by Venezuela's opposition did not garner the numbers they had hoped. Observers placed the figure in the mere thousands, a far cry from what the right-wing forces expected and claimed they would put in the streets.

Political, Economic Challenges Loom Large for Venezuela in 2017

In response to opposition threats in 2016 to take over the electoral offices in a violent move to push for new elections, security personnel used tear gas in San Cristobal, in the Western state of Tachira, to prevent protesters from reaching the local office of the National Electoral Council, CNE.

In Caracas, police dispersed opposition crowds approaching the CNE office in Plaza Venezuela, arresting several.

Security forces in front of the CNE said their focus was to prevent instances of violence.

Chavistas accompany the coffin containing the remains of leftist guerilla fighter Fabricio Ojeda. | Photo: teleSUR

Meanwhile, supporters of Nicolas Maduro's government staged a ceremony for the guerilla leader, Fabricio Ojeda who was responsible for organizing the movement that led to the fall of the dictatorship of Marcos Perez Jimenez in 1958.

"The citizens of Chavez and Maduro are in the street today to transport Fabricio Ojeda to El Panteon Nacional. He should have been there a long time ago," said Jose Ochoa.

Government supporters ended the day with a concert, staged in front the gates of the Supreme Court.

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