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Venezuelan Govt Delivers Dialogue Proposal to Opposition

  • Delcy Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez from the government delegation

    Delcy Rodriguez and Jorge Rodriguez from the government delegation | Photo: EFE

Published 27 September 2017

Members of the opposition coalition announced Tuesday that they would not attend the continued talks.

The Venezuelan opposition has delivered the opposition a proposal for dialogue after they refused to attend talks in the Dominican Republic.

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The proposal includes suggestions on how to overcome the political crisis in Venezuela.

"We believe we are quite close to overcoming these obstacles. We hope the opposition responds in the next hours," said Jorge Rodriguez, the leader of the government delegation.

Earlier in the day, the opposition delegation issued a communique saying that they will only join continued talks with the government after "it lifts obstacles it has placed."

Members of the opposition coalition, known as the Democratic Unity Roundtable, announced Tuesday that they would not attend the meeting, saying that its pre-conditions have not been met, citing lack of progress on issues from human rights to elections, according to Reuters.

“There won’t be anyone traveling to the Dominican Republic,” MUD said in a Twitter post.

Jorge Rodriguez, the head of the Venezuelan government delegation that arrived in the Caribbean country said they had hoped the opposition would show to carrying out the agreed upon meeting.

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Rodriguez added that he feared the internal differences within the Venezuelan opposition and the pressures from the U.S. government are the real obstacles to dialogue with the government.

"We do not want to think that pressure from the state of Florida, with some of the Venezuelan opposition leaders, will lead to the discarding of what has been a very profound process of dialogue, which is close to an agreement of coexistence between the Bolivarian government and the opposition," Rodriguez said.

The previous round of talks took place on Sept. 12-13, where the Venezuelan government was represented by Mayor Jorge Rodriguez, the president of the National Constituent Assembly Delcy Rodriguez, and Roy Chaderton Matos and the opposition was represented by Timoteo Zambrano, Luis Florido, Manuel Rosales, Vicente Diaz, Julio Borges and Eudoro Gonzalez.

At those meetings, both parties agreed to continue to dialogue. They also agreed to create a commission comprised of delegates from Venezuela, Mexico, Chile, Bolivia and Nicaragua to ensure their political agreements are carried forward.

Dominican President Danilo Medina, who is acting as mediator, and Spain’s former president Jose Luis Rodriguez Zapatero initiated the talks, while 12 other Latin American nations expressed their support for the Santo Domingo dialogues.

Maduro has consistently called for dialogue with the opposition, initiating talks brokered by Pope Francis and Unasur that never developed due to the opposition backing out of agreed upon scheduled meetings in January.

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