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Venezuela Uses Brand Strategy 'Marca Pais' Against Media War

  • The president inaugurated the brand

    The president inaugurated the brand "Marca Pais" to promote among other areas, tourism in the country | Photo: Prensa Presidencial

Published 11 February 2019

Venezuela is committed to the diversification of the economy with the implementation of the strategy "Marca Pais".

Venezuelan President Nicolás Maduro launched the strategy  "Marca Pais - Venezuela open to the future", with which he hopes to boost tourism and bring to light the truth about the country, which has been attacked by a media war.

"Much of the media war to which Venezuela is subjected in the world, has had as its goal that nobody comes close to Venezuela, that no one comes to invest, Venezuela being the best country in the world for investment," said the president.

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In this context, the president explained that it is a win-win strategy, because the country wins with income and with the demonstration of its truth, and also win over public and private entrepreneurs. 

"Venezuela needs, today more than ever, a diversified economy that seeks quality production and the placement of these products in the world, new sources of income for national wealth."

Since Monday, the Instituto Marca País started operations, which will bring together investments, tourism development, among other functions.

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