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Venezuela Reveals Evidence of Widespread Juan Guaido-led Corruption, Misuse of 'Aid' Funds

  • Jorge Rodríguez speaks at a press conference, revealing documents and photos of corruption actions carried out by Juan Guaido and his allies.

    Jorge Rodríguez speaks at a press conference, revealing documents and photos of corruption actions carried out by Juan Guaido and his allies. | Photo: Reuters

Published 17 June 2019

Jorge Rodríguez revealed documents, Whatsapp screenshots and photos backing his government's assertions that Juan Guaido and his allies are profiting from the political and economic standoff.

Vice President of Communication, Tourism, and Culture of Venezuela Jorge Rodríguez, presented Monday evidence of the network of corruption led by the Venezuelan lawmaker Juan Guaido.


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Rodriguez revealed screenshots of conversations between Roberto Marrero and a person whom they call "Rossana de Cúcuta" in which he tells Marrero that he does not have enough money to hire assassins from other countries in Latin America to promote destabilization in Venezuela, to which Marrero promises to pay between US$500,000 and US$700,000 per day in order to hire the hitmen.

For these payments, Marrero also communicated with Guaido, telling him to ask Colombian President Ivan Duque to indicate a Non-Governmental Organization (NGO) to handle funds up to US$1 trillion.

He noted that Rossana Barrera was in charge of helping people with criminal records enter Colombia as military deserters to obtain the funds.

According to the right-wing media outlet PanAm Post, Guaido placed Barrera and Kevin Rojas in charge to handle the aid funds for Venezuelans in Colombia. Barrera is the sister-in-law of the Popular Will party lawmaker, Sergio Vergara, right-hand man of Guaido.

PanAm Post’s editor-in-chief, Orlando Avedaño obtained receipts that “show excesses and, several, very strange invoices signed on the same day and with identical writing styles, almost all without a stamp,” for almost a million dollars worth in hotels, nightclubs, restaurants, and lavish lifestyle.

Rodriguez assured the money that is used for these purposes is the money, goods, and resources of the Venezuelans themselves, so it directly affects the health, infrastructure and other sectors of the country.

The communication minister added that although at the beginning opposition lawmakers Gaby Arellano and Jose Manuel Olivares were responsible for fomenting acts of violence on the country's border, they have now been replaced by Rosana Barrera and Kevin Rojas of the Voluntad Popular party.

Finally, in the case of the deputy Freddy Superlano and his assistant on Feb. 23 in Cúcuta, Rodriguez presented photographs of the two women involved in the poisoning of the lawmaker and the death of his assistant. The women are also suspected of the theft of US$ 750,000, a case that has not been thoroughly investigated by Colombian authorities, according to the senior Venezuelan minister. 

The acts of violence financed by such corruption were carried out on Feb. 23 at the border of Colombia with Venezuela , disguised as the supposed humanitarian aid delivered from the United States.

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