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Venezuela Rejects Japan's Interventionist Declarations

  • Venezuelan chancellor Arreaza condemned the statements made by his Japanese counterpart, which he described as

    Venezuelan chancellor Arreaza condemned the statements made by his Japanese counterpart, which he described as "unfriendly and disturbing" | Photo: Twitter: @CancilleriaVE

Published 16 August 2018

Venezuela delivered a protest note to the Japanese Government after the statements of Foreign Minister Taro Kono.

The Venezuelan government, through Foreign Affairs Minister Jorge Arreaza, has rejected the interventionist declarations from Japan's Minister of Foreign Affairs, Taro Kono. 

Venezuela's Arreaza Condemns 'US Interventionism' in UN Speech

Arreaza statements come after a series of comments made by the Kono in Peru, which he described as "unfriendly and disturbing," in a protest note delivered to the country's Ambassador in Caracas Kenji Okada.

"The statements are prepotent, unfriendly, hostile, violating international law... It is worrying to see Japan repeating the script of the United States, and following the steps of its plan of aggression against Venezuela," Arreaza said Wednesday.

"Chancellor Jorge Arreaza: Unfortunately the statements of the Foreign Minister of Japan, follow the script of the United States government and the plan of aggression against Venezuela. We have asked for the rectification of the Government of Tokyo to maintain good relations."

He also urged the authorities of the Government of Japan to rectify these types of stands that undermine the internal affairs and sovereignty of the Venezuelan people, in the framework of maintaining the bilateral and friendly relations developed by both nations until now.

"We have asked for the rectification of Tokyo... Hopefully, there is the corresponding rectification otherwise President Nicolás Maduro as head of our foreign policy will take the corresponding measures," Arreaza added.

On Tuesday, August 14, the Japanese Chancellor Kono, declared that his country, along with other leaders that are part of the so-called Lima Group, will continue their efforts to fight against the government of President Nicolás Maduro.

"We share the vision that Venezuela must be held accountable in front of the international community... in the Venezuelan case we follow all efforts so that the political and humanitarian crisis they have concludes and the democracy is recovered," Kono said in a press conference offered in Lima, Peru.

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