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Venezuela Presents Urban Plans in Venice

  • Venezuela is presenting its urban planning exhibition

    Venezuela is presenting its urban planning exhibition "Rebel Space" in Venice. | Photo: Twitter @VillegasPoljak

Published 24 May 2018

“These are spaces that have been rescued by the people,” the architect said.

Venezuela is exhibiting in the 16th Biannual Architecture Conference of Venice three urban plans promoted by the Venezuelan government, that promote better use of urban space and social coexistence in urban environments.

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The project is called “CCS – Rebel Space,” and is presented by architect Nelson Rodriguez.

Three projects presented are Simon Bolivar Park in La Carlota, Hugo Chavez Park in La Rinconada, and the Bolivar Bulevar de Sabana Grande, which were all designed and promoted by the Bolivarian government.

Rodriguez told EFE that the Hugo Chavez Park “integrated the community into the design and maintenance.”

“A participatory design methodology has been established with the community. Architect Richard Rogers from London is also actively collaborating in the park, and the Hugo Chavez Foundation is carrying out the project,” Rodriguez said.

The “Hugo Chavez” plan includes areas for communal parks, a space designed by children in the community, and urban social housing facilities.

Simon Bolivar Park is a space that was used in the 1970s and 80s by the wealthy to store private airplanes, which was then transformed into a military base under Chavez, and is now being converted into an urban park.

In Avenida Bolivar Bulevar de Sabana Grande, social housing is being bolstered.

“These are spaces that have been rescued by the people,” Rodriguez said.

The plans also each involve doubling the urban green space in their respective areas.

The exhibition in Venice presents a series of photographs and videos that demonstrate the social, urban, political, and cultural aspects of the plan.

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