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Venezuela: Hours extended for drill on Essequibo referendum

  • Venezuela: Hours extended for drill on Essequibo referendum
Published 19 November 2023

The president of the National Electoral Council (CNE) in Venezuela, Elvis Amoroso, announced that the hours of this Sunday's drill will be extended due to the consultative referendum on Essequibo.

Amoroso explained that it will continue "until the last person left in that line votes," expressing that all Venezuelans who are participating deserve the opportunity to become familiar with the process.

More early, at the start of the drill at 08:00 local time, Amoroso announced that 800 voting centers were already operating at 100 percent.

Through the simulation, Venezuelan citizens will also be able to familiarize themselves with the following five questions of the consultative referendum on Essequibo region.

On September 21, the National Assembly (NA), in plenary session, unanimously approved the call for the consultative referendum. On October 21, the documents for the activation of the referendum were formally delivered to the CNE authorities.

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