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    Venezuela's CNE President Tibisay Lucena speaks to members of the media during a news conference at the National Electoral Council (CNE) headquarters in Caracas, Venezuela March 1, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 2 March 2018

She said the country's National Electoral Council has worked to develop a strong and transparent system.

Tibisay Lucena, the president of Venezuela's National Electoral Council (CNE), guaranteed transparency and efficiency ahead of the country's presidential elections in May


Venezuela: President Maduro 'Happy' as Elections Move to May 20

Lucena was speaking to presidential candidates, their representatives and members of the media when she made the commitment on Friday. She said the country's National Electoral Council, which she has headed since 2006, has worked to develop a strong and transparent system.

"We have approached the electoral  guarantees in four phases: technical guarantees for the automated system, security of  the electoral process, national observation and international accompaniment," she said adding: "The audit system is complete, and all the parts and components have been audited, as well as the software and production of voting machines."

Referencing the agreement, which was met by members of the government and several opposition parties yesterday, Lucena said: "In yesterday's session, the CNE agreed to include new guarantees in the electoral process. We will ratify the request to the United Nations; we are also waiting for answers from the African Union and the Caricom."

Apart from a new election date, the agreement also establishes that the elections of the members of state legislative councils and the municipal councils will also take place at the same time as the presidential election, on May 20.

Six people have registered as candidates for the presidential elections: current President Nicolas Maduro, Falcon, Reinaldo Quijada, Francisco Visconti, Luis Alejandro Ratti, and the evangelical pastor Javier Bertucci.



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