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Venezuela's Arreaza Pays Tribute to Chavez, Bolivar in Egypt

  • Jorge Arreaza and Nasser's grandson paying tribute to Hugo Chavez at his bust in Cairo, Egypt. Feb. 25, 2018.

    Jorge Arreaza and Nasser's grandson paying tribute to Hugo Chavez at his bust in Cairo, Egypt. Feb. 25, 2018. | Photo: Twitter / @jaarreaza

Published 25 February 2018

The Foreign Minister continues his South-South Dignity Tour in Egypt, strengthening solidarity links.

Venezuelan Foreign Minister Jorge Arreaza visited Saturday the Arab Republic of Egypt during his “South-South Dignity Tour,” intended to strengthen relationships between Venezuela and African countries.


Venezuela's Foreign Minister Continues 'South-South Dignity Tour' With Nigeria Visit

Arreaza met with senior Egyptian officials as well as with the Arab League's General Secretary Ahmed Abul Gheit to discuss the cooperation with Latin America. During the meeting Abul Gheit thanked Venezuela and its President Nicloas Maduro for supporting the Palestinian cause.

“We reviewed the historical cooperation between Venezuela and the Arab League, the relationship between our regions and strategic subjects in them and the world, informing the General Secretary about the truth in Venezuela,” tweeted Foreign Minister Arreaza.

During the visit, the Venezuelan delegation and Egyptian authorities paid tribute to Latin American liberator Simon Bolivar and Commander Hugo Chavez at their respective monuments in Egypt's capital Cairo.

“We honor our Commander Chavez in Cairo, recognized in the Arab countries as an historical leader, supporter of the Palestinian cause and a role model for the people that are struggling for liberation. We do so with the presence of the great Egyptian leader Gamal Abdel Nasser's grandson,” said Arreaza.

Nasser was an Egyptian military officer who led the Free Officers Movement against King Farouk, ultimately overthrowing the U.K.-aligned monarchy and becoming Egypt's second president. This later led to an international movement called “Arab socialism.”

Along with Vice Foreign Minister Yuri Pimentel, the delegation also paid tribute to Bolivar at his monument. “We couldn't not pay the duly honors to our liberator Simon Bolivar. His statue is in the heart of Cairo. We keep moving towards 'universal balance,' a multipolar peace and mutual respect world," the top Venezuelan diplomat said in another tweet. 

During the African leg of a long diplomatic tour, Arreaza and the Venezuelan delegation visited countries such as Ethiopia, the Democratic Republic of Congo, the Republic of Congo, Ethiopia and Nigeria, as well as diplomatic delegations from Palestine and Syria.

Amid an economic war and interventionist rhetoric from the United States and its right-wing allies, the South-South Dignity Tour intends to strengthen solidarity links between Latin America and Africa, two continents that “were once physically united,” according to Arreaza.

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