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Venezuela Announces Arrival of 7.5 Tons of Medicine

  • President Maduro says that the current shipments are paid by the Bolivarian government, as will those arriving weekly in the future.

    President Maduro says that the current shipments are paid by the Bolivarian government, as will those arriving weekly in the future. | Photo: @PresidencialVen

Published 21 February 2019

President Maduro met with representatives from Russia, Cuba and the Pan American Health Organization, at Miraflores Palace, to discuss strengthening Venezuela’s health system.

Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro Moros announced Thursday the arrival of medical aid, arriving from Russia for the strengthening of the public health system.

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The Venezuelan president met with representatives of the health sector, from Russia, Cuba and the Pan American Health Organization (PAHO), at the Miraflores Palace, to discuss how to strengthen Venezuela’s health system.

"Today, 7.5 tons of medicines are coming to Venezuela from Russia to continue equipping our country," Maduro stated, before adding that Venezuela has previously received 108,428 units of medicines, surgical equipment and other types of equipment.

Maduro said that the current shipments arriving in Venezuela are paid by the Bolivarian government, as will those arriving, weekly, in the future. "It is humanitarian assistance, humanitarian support because it is overcoming a blockade, but Venezuelans are not beggars from anyone and that is why we proceed to pay all our obligations," the Bolivarian Republic's leader reiterated.

The president denounced that there is economic and financial persecution against his country, by the United States Government, which makes the acquisition of medicine difficult for Venezuelans.


However, Maduro stressed the importance of a multilateral world and thanked the other nations that are opposing the blockade and economic war being waged against Venezuela. The president also highlighted the significance of the United Nations (UN) and international organizations for the construction of multilateral politics.

"Fortunately we have good friends in the world and we have the support of the United Nations, the Pan American Health Organization, the World Health Organization." 

President Maduro disclosed some of the medicines that arrived in the country: paracetamol, ampicillin, diazepam, digoxin, dopamine, sodium chloride solution, gentamicin, hydrocortisone, lidocaine, penicillin, salbutamol, among others.

The Venezuelan head of state urged Colombian President Ivan Duque to "stop serving the dark interests of Donald Trump," stating that their objective is to create a war between Venezuela and Colombia. "The economic blockade and the persecution that Donald Trump has against Venezuela requires us to improve. That is the challenge!" 

Following the statements, Maduro called for a massive popular mobilization of the Chavista forces on February 23, throughout the national territories.

"Here in Caracas, we will have a super mobilization." 

On the other hand, the Venezuelan Minister for Nourishment, Luis Medina, indicated that some 20,600 boxes were sent with products from the government program Local Committee for Supply and Production (CLAP) to the Colombian municipality of Cucuta.

The Bolivarian government is aiming to help the families in that municipality, that live in extreme poverty and have not had any response from the Colombian government. Minister Medina said, on Twitter, that "this is the real humanitarian aid of Venezuela in solidarity with the communities of the North Santander department."


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