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Uruguayan Football Club Launches Bid to Fight Gender Violence

  • Uruguayan Football Club Launches Bid to Fight Gender Violence.

    Uruguayan Football Club Launches Bid to Fight Gender Violence. | Photo: Danubio F.C. Facebook Page

Published 5 March 2019

In a unique and innovative move, Uruguayan football club Danubio will wear specially-designed jersey's that will serve to raise awareness to gender violence. 

"The numbers to which we turn our backs" is the name of the campaign Danubio F.C. have chosen as the Uruguayan football club aim to contribute toward the fight against gender violence. 

Study Reports 536 Women Assaulted Every Hour in Brazil

Danubio F.C. will wear jersey's that will contain different slogans on their jersey’s in support to end gender violence. For example, above and below the number on the back will be a message specifically relating to the mistreatment of women, according to the club's press officer, Juanjo Matri, talking to El Observador de Uruguay.

Messages such as, "Every 3 hours there are 12 complaints of gender violence," will attempt to shed light on gender inequality, reports ElDesconcierto.

Other messages to be included will be, "Only 14% of the ministerial cabinet are women" and "Only 19 dollars of each 1900 are destined to female sports sponsorships."

ElDesconcierto reports that - before the campaign, the club obtained data from various studies and research conducted by U.N. Women and the National Institute of Women of Uruguay.

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