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Unions in Spain Demand Wage Increase

  • Over 45 000 workers took to the streets in Madrid to demand a collective wage increase. Nov, 3, 2022.

    Over 45 000 workers took to the streets in Madrid to demand a collective wage increase. Nov, 3, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@ugtficaburgos

Published 3 November 2022

Today, thousands of workers rallied in Madrid's Main Square under the slogan "Wage or conflict."

Workers' Commissions (CCOO) and the General Union of Workers (UGT) led the massive workers' demonstration in Madrid to demand a collective wage increase in the face of inflation.

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Unai Sordo, leader of CCOO, and Pepe Álvarez, of UGT, said that wage increases are essential to combat inflation. They warned that conflict would continue as long as there is no progress on the matter. 

The unions are demanding negotiations with the employers so that they agree on a wage increase in line with the rise in prices. In this sense, the general secretary of CCOO, Paloma López, said the request is that wages be increased to protect workers' purchasing power.

Claiming that "either there is a wage or there will be conflict," the secretary general of UGT, José María Álvarez, said, "Where there has been conflict, we have achieved wages and dozens of agreements have been signed with increases that allow workers to maintain their purchasing power, in companies with high profits and with lower profits." 

WE FILLED THE MAIN SQUARE. More than 45 000 workers are in the streets today demanding a collective wage increase. Today we fight, today we fight, today we win!

Thursday's rally called for a fair distribution of the wealth generated in the country, according to the secretary general of UGT. "This is our struggle and our commitment. It is social justice that the working class should get part of the profits it generates."

Atocha, Puerta de Toledo and Plaza de España were places in the capital that witnessed today's demonstration. Although there was a massive turnout ( over 45 000 workers), calm prevailed. 

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