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Uganda Straps on Ulinzi Condoms in Bid to Shoot Down HIV/Aids

  • Uganda Straps on Ulinzi in bid to shoot down HIV/Aids.

    Uganda Straps on Ulinzi in bid to shoot down HIV/Aids.

Published 4 October 2018

The nation's People's Defense Forces launches their own brand of condom in attempt to curb rising Aids rate.   

Uganda's Peoples Defense Forces have launched their own brand of condom after it was revealed that 1.3 million inhabitants are currently living with HIV/Aids in the country. 

The condom, named Ulinzi — a Swahili word than means "protection" — was introduced at the UPDF land forces headquarters in Bombo, and immediately handed out to soldiers, to ensure they're "safe" enough to defend their country. 

The nation's chief of staff of land forces Brig. Leopold Kyanda told pulselive.org, "HIV has continued to pose a significant public health and security challenge and the Ulinzi condom is going to be a milestone for the prevention of HIV/Aids." 

Ulinzi is wrapped in a camouflage packet, and was geared initially toward soldiers, who would "go off to war zones and meet up with women for pleasure, only to return and infect their wives," claimed Uganda's Minister of Health Vashta Kibirge, in an interview with Ugandan NTV news. 

Ugandan officials now hope their soldiers can continue to refrain from shooting blanks, as long as it's done within the comfort of an Ulinzi. 

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