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US Summit for Democracy Sows Ideological Divisions: Russia

  • Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova. 

    Russian diplomat Maria Zakharova.  | Photo: Twitter/ @lvogruppo

Published 28 March 2023

The Kremlin also regretted the UN Security Council's decision to reject Russia's request for an independent investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosions.

On Tuesday, the Russian Foreign Affairs Ministry spokesperson Maria Zakharova said that Washington is using the U.S.-hosted Summit for Democracy as an ideological platform to exert control over other states and ultimately divide the world.


Russia and Belarus Strengthen Their Integration

"The summit is a clear manifestation of U.S. neo-colonial practices," she said, stressing that the United States "forces everyone to look at the world through the lens of a 'rules-based-order,' which is used to serve Washington's global interests."

"It is both hypocritical and misleading when the United States claims to be a leader in promoting democratic values worldwide, while it doesn't support and practice these values itself," Zakharova pointed out.

"Moscow strongly opposes U.S. efforts to impose its own interpretations of democracy on other countries... The United States has no moral right to lecture others," Zahkarova stated, pointing out that Washington must abandon its binary discourse if it wishes to build serious relations with sovereign states.

On Tuesday, the Kremlin also regretted the decision made by the United Nations Security Council (UNSC) to reject Russia's request for an independent investigation into the Nord Stream pipeline explosions.

"We believe that everyone should be interested in an objective investigation involving all interested parties, all those, who can shed some light on the commissioners and perpetrators of this terrorist act," Kremlin spokesman Dmitry Peskov said, adding that Russia will do anything in its power to initiate such an international investigation.

In September 2022, a series of bombings and subsequent underwater gas leaks occurred on the Nord Stream 1 and Nord Stream 2 pipelines. The international community has since attempted to find the perpetrators and initiators of the attack.

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