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UK, US Are Partners in Stealing Venezuela's Riches: Envoy to UN Moncada

  • PDVSA's Citgo Petroleum refinery in Sulphur, Louisiana, U.S., June 12, 2018.

    PDVSA's Citgo Petroleum refinery in Sulphur, Louisiana, U.S., June 12, 2018. | Photo: Reuters

Published 11 April 2019

Ambassador Samuel Moncada recalled that U.S. officials are performing a plan to indebt Venezuela for over US$70 billion.

Venezuela's United Nations ambassador Samuel Moncada denounced Wednesday the United States and the United Kingdom are benefiting from the physical and financial assets which the Bolivarian people held abroad and were illegally confiscated.

Venezuela's Moncada Fires Back at Pence in Heated UNSC Exchange

"Our refineries' profits are being used to pay debts to Trump administration-friendly oil companies. His friends, who hold Venezuelan debt bonds, receive special licenses to collect profits from our people's stolen money," Moncada said at the last U.N. Security Council meeting and recalled that U.S. officials have already announced a plan to indebt Venezuela for over US$70 billion."

The Bolivarian diplomat asked Council members to determine the U.S.-U.K responsibility in the ongoing economic warfare against his country.

"One aspect of this mass destruction policy is looting and robbery of tens of billions, literally a robbery," he said and warned that companies profiting from U.S. policies are using the stolen resources in dark financial transactions.

"It is a plan where banks, insurance and ships are used... [as] weapons of mass destruction, although those who are responsible are not being brought to justice or suffering moral sanctions they deserve," Ambassador Moncada said and recalled that the U.S. National Security Advisor John Bolton admitted on Jan. 30 that his government "carefully" watches companies making transactions with Venezuela and warns them not to do so.

The Bolivarian ambassador also recalled that the Bank of England unjustifiably appropriated US$1.2 billion in Venezuelan gold with the excuse that the U.K. does not recognize President Nicolas Maduro's administration.

"The Bank of England's credibility is ruined... because it is an institution servicing the colonial governments of U.S. and the United Kingdom, which behave like the English pirates of 200 years ago," he stressed, adding that accusations depicting Venezuelan gold as "money laundering" tools are false because the country's monetary reserve has been deposited over there for more than 30 years and British authorities "do know about its legitimate origin."

"What we are experiencing is a new wave of economic extortion that cuts off our country's financial flows abroad," Moncada stressed and asked the U.N. Security Council to determine which multilateral law or regulation authorizes the U.S. and the U.K. to perform an economic destruction program against Venezuela.

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