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Tusla Police Confirm 4 Killed in Hospital Shooting

  • Tulsa police in scene

    Tulsa police in scene | Photo: @TulsaPolice

Published 1 June 2022

Law enforcement in the U.S. state of Oklahoma (central) responded to a shooting in the city of Tulsa and shot down the attacker, local police said Wednesday.

"(The Tulsa Police Department) has responded to an active shooter incident near 61st and Yale. Please stay clear of the area and yield to all emergency vehicles while dealing with this response. We will update the media as soon as we can gather details," said Police Chief Wendell Franklin via Twitter.

The attacker was shot, authorities confirmed on Facebook.

Tulsa police reported that some of those wounded in the shooting, which occurred outside a medical building on a hospital campus, "unfortunately died," AP reported.

Authorities later confirmed that four people were killed in the shooting, including the attacker.

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