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Trump Calls Saudi Murder of Khashoggi 'Worst Cover-Up Ever'

  • Trump Calls Saudi Murder of Khashoggi

    Trump Calls Saudi Murder of Khashoggi "Worst Cover-Up Ever." | Photo: Reuters

Published 23 October 2018

U.S. President's stance on the journalist's murder has drastically changed over the last week, and now he claims those who committed the crime are, "in big trouble."

U.S. President Donald Trump Tuesday described the Saudi-perpetrated murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi as, "one of the worst cover-ups in the history of cover-ups," and is expecting a full report in the next few days after sending his CIA Director to Istanbul - location of Khashoggi's murder, to uncover the details of the death.


Khashoggi: EU Want Answers, Turkey to Tell All, Trump Unhappy     

Trump mentioned that retribution against the Saudi's would be at the discretion of Congress, in conjunction with himself. Speaking of the killing at the Oval Office, he said, "(the killing) should've never have been thought of" and that "somebody really messed up and they had the worst cover up ever." Trump added, "Whoever thought of that idea I think is in big trouble - and they should be in big trouble."

The Saudi government initially claimed that the journalist had been killed "accidentally" after engaging in a fist-fight with allegedly 15 or more Saudi officials, but have now altered the story to suggesting Khashoggi had been killed in error due to a "chokehold." 

President Trump's comments come as a surprise after he last week highlighted the positive impact of the Arab nation, and insisted the US would back the Saudi's in their feud against Iran, and their Islamist counterparts. 

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