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Tripoli-Based Forces Launch Counter-Offensive in Northern Libya

  • Tripoli-Based Forces Launch Counter-Offensive in Northern Libya

    | Photo: Reuters

Published 7 April 2019

Tensions are at a all-time high in northern Libya amid two ongoing offensives by the largest warring parties. 

The Tripoli-based Government of National Accord has launched a counter-offensive to reclaim their lost territories from the forces loyal to Field Marshal Khalifa Haftar in northern Libya.


Libyan Strongman Meets with UN Chief after Advancing on Tripoli

Colonel Mohammad Gnounou informed reporters during a press conference on Sunday that his forces have begun a counter-offensive dubbed "Operation Volcano of Anger" to expel the Libyan National Army from the areas immediately south of Tripoli.

Colonel Gnounou said his forces will be "purging all Libyan cities of aggressor and illegitimate forces" amid an ongoing offensive by the Libyan National Army. 

The Libyan National Army announced on Sunday morning that their air force had begun targeting the Tripoli suburbs as they look to oust the UN--recognized Government of National Accord.

These airstrikes come a day after the Libyan National Army announced a no-fly-zone over the western part of the country.

The forces loyal to Field Marshal Haftar are currently in control of most of Libya, with the Tripoli-based Government of National Accord being confined to the northwestern region of the country.

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