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Spain: 'The Wolfpack' Faces 3 Years For New Sex Abuse Case

  • Spain's soft laws on sexual abuse have sparked outrage.

    Spain's soft laws on sexual abuse have sparked outrage. | Photo: EFE

Published 8 May 2018

Aside from their infamous case during the San Fermin celebrations, the gang also abused an unconscious girl sitting in the backseat of a car.

The group of Spanish alleged rapists known as “The Wolfpack” (La Manada), who were sentenced to nine years in prison two weeks ago, might get a new three-year sentence for another case of sexual abuse in Pozoblanco.


Spanish Judge Rules Victim ‘Wasn’t in Pain,’ Dismisses Rape Charges Against Attackers

Two months before attacking an 18-year-old woman during the San Fermin celebrations in 2016, four members of the gang sexually are accused of abusing an unconscious woman in the back of a car and recording it on video.

Prosecutors got on the case after finding the video in the mobile phone of one of the accused, who were already under investigation for the San Fermin case, and contacted the affected woman for testimony.

But this case will earn them a shorter sentence, as prosecutors think the abuse is a lesser crime, as it didn't involve sexual intercourse, which could lead to up to three years in prison.

“There was no sexual penetration, so article 181 of the Criminal Code applies, which punishes the abuses committed without violence, intimidation or and without consent,” legal sources explained the Diario Cordova, a local news outlet that has closely followed the Pozoblanco case.

The accused shared two videos in a Whatsapp group in which the 21-year-old woman can be seen unconscious, sitting in the backseat of a car between two members of “the Wolfpack” while two others were seated in front.

After prosecutors searched for the victim, she said she went with two friends to the Torrecampo celebrations at 3:00 a.m. on May 2016, where she met a man from Sevilla and his friends, including a civil guard officer she had seen in her town before.

Alfonso Cabezuelo, the military man she met in the celebrations, offered to take her home in the morning and she accepted. She claims she doesn't remember anything after getting in the passenger seat, but that the man asked her for oral sex as she woke up naked in the back seat.

She denied the request and then Cabezuela hit her and kicked her out of the car calling her a “whore.” The woman claims she never saw the other members of the Wolfpack and doesn't remember anything about the videos taken.

After speaking with a few people from her hometown, including a police officer, she decided not to file a complaint but took pictures of her injuries.

The videos show the gang laughing and making jokes as they touch and kiss the unconscious woman. Jose Angel Prenda, who recorded the videos and shared them through Whatsapp, commented on the group that his friend “had just fucked the sleeping beauty.”


Spain May Reform Criminal Code After 'Wolf Pack' Rape Outrage

Some of the responses on the group celebrate the gang's actions, and someshow worried about their safety. “What did you give her, Burundanga?” says one of the group's members, in reference to a plant frequently used for kidnappings and abuses.

“Is she dead?” says another, and then someone else asks about what they did to her afterward, to which one responds “they threw her in the river.” At the end, one of them says “Yeah, another Marta del Castillo case, hahaha.”

Marta del Castillo was a 17-year-old girl who was murdered by her former boyfriend in 2009. In multiple contradictory declarations, her murderer pointed at different places to look for her body, but it was never found.

By the end of the video, one of the gang members says: “this is Pozoblanco and this is 'the Wolfpack'.”

The victim of the new case, who is now 23-years-old, had to move to a different town, where nobody knows about the case and she's not harassed with questions about it.

The nine-year sentence for the Wolfpack earlier this month ignited international outrage as judges decided to charge them with “sexual abuse” instead of sexual aggression, violent assault and crimes against intimacy because the woman didn't fight back and did not seem intimidated, and therefore the judge argued that the crime wasn't a violent abuse.

The charge is used in cases of sexual activity between underage partners and those seen not capable of giving permission for sexual relations, such as those who are severely handicapped or under the influence of drugs or alcohol.

Last year, the lawyer of three members of the gang said his clients were “no role model at all,” and even called them “imbeciles” and “simple” mostly concerned with soccer and sexual relations, but that they were “good boys” that are “getting their lives destroyed without committing any crime.”

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