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  • Poster with slogan #NotOneMore during a march in Buenos Aires in June 2015.

    Poster with slogan #NotOneMore during a march in Buenos Aires in June 2015. | Photo: Reuters

Published 22 February 2017

Already 57 cases of femicides have been reported in Argentina, 10 in Mexico and six in Paraguay in early 2017.

A recent report released by Argentina's Wanda Taddei Institute found that 57 women had been killed so far in 2017, one of the highest rate in the region. While in 2016, one woman was estimated to die every 30 hours on average, now the time frame has lowered to every 18 hours.

Argentine Women in Forefront Against Femicide

In Paraguay, femicides have doubled this year compared with 2016's first two months, making an average of one woman killed every four hours.

In Uruguay, six women have been killed since the start of 2017, including a 21-year-old woman, mother of one, found dead Saturday, killed premeditatively by her boyfriend.

On Monday, feminist groups spoke out against declarations by the Supreme Court President Jorge Chediak who called femicide a “passionate crime.” The organizations denounced “a lack of preparation” in the justice system to judge domestic violence.

In Mexico, 10 women have allegedly been murdered in January and February. The Mexican band Cafe Tacuba announced Tuesday that it will modify the lyrics of a 1994 track to protest femicides, as the song promoted gender violence saying “for this, I'll have to give you a couple of bullets so it will hurt you. And although I'll be sad for not having you anymore, I'll go to your funeral.”

Latin American Women’s Problem: We Keep Getting Murdered

In Ecuador, 19 cases of femicide have already been registered, most of them carried out with a knife — corresponding to eight more than the same period of time last year according to the official estimate.

The term “femicide” was coined by American feminists Jill Radford, Diana E. Russell and Jane Caputi for the misogynistic murder of women by men. Femicide is the politics of killing women, the extreme action of a terror continuum against women.

Of the 25 nations with the highest rate of violence against women, 14 are in Latin America. According to the United Nations, 98 percent of femicides go unprosecuted in the region.

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