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The 8th OPEC International Seminar Kicks off in Vienna

  • OPEC International Seminar in Vienna, Jul. 5, 2023.

    OPEC International Seminar in Vienna, Jul. 5, 2023. | Photo: teleSURtv

Published 5 July 2023

"Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Energy Transition"

The 8th OPEC (Organization of the Petroleum Exporting Countries) International Seminar has begun in Vienna, the capital of Austria. The Seminar will take place over two days, on July 5-6, at the Hofburg Palace.


8th OPEC International Seminar To Be Hold in July

This seminar brings together representatives from top oil-exporting countries as well as chief executives from global energy majors; this year’s main theme of the event is "Towards a Sustainable and Inclusive Energy Transition."

According to the program posted on the Seminar’s website, during the two-day discussion, eleven sessions will be held regarding various topics pertaining to the development of the energy sector.

According to the OPEC, first-day-discussions will largely cover the stability of energy markets and problems with their financing.

Official data show that several ministers from OPEC and OPEC+ countries, including the energy ministers of Saudi Arabia and the UAE, and chief executives of such energy companies as Eni, Saudi Aramco, TotalEnergies and OMV will take part in the panel sessions.

According to the OPEC, the Seminar’s second day will cover energy transition, eradication of energy poverty and diversification of economies in the face of climate change.

According to official data, the previous OPEC International Seminar was held five years ago, in June 2018; the event was attended by 950 delegates from 50 countries around the globe.

The next seminar was initially scheduled for 2021, but due to the coronavirus pandemic, it was postponed.

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