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The 11-Year-Old Muslim Mexican-American Vlogger Taking on Trump

  • Video blogger Andrew takes on both anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments.

    Video blogger Andrew takes on both anti-Muslim and anti-immigrant comments. | Photo: Facebook / ¿Where is Andrew?

Published 22 June 2016

“I am Mexican and I am Muslim and I am Trump’s biggest nightmare,” said 11-year-old vlogger Andrew.

An 11-year-old Muslim Mexican-American is taking down U.S. Republican presidential candidate, Donald Trump’s bigotry, one video at a time.

The young video blogger, Andrew, posts his clips on a Facebook page that already has 5,000 likes and is steadily growing, as reported by Fusion. The fifth-grader from Texas says he feels like there are two strikes against him as a Muslim of Mexican heritage who lives in the United States.

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“I am Mexican and I am Muslim and I am Trump’s biggest nightmare,” he told Fusion.

Andrew first started his Facebook page with the help of his mother, Nahela Morales, when he was just seven years old. It started off as a way for Andrew to keep in touch with his friends back in Mexico, but now, as Andrew has become an expert at making and uploading videos himself, the 11 year old posts messages advocating for racial and religious tolerance and responding to xenophobic and racist comments in the news.

Morales says that they receive positive messages everyday from parents who have children Andrew’s age and that watch his videos. “He has had parents call and write to him and thank him that their kids are watching him and that his message is impacting their homes,” Morales told Fusion.

When Andrew heard about Trump’s plans to build a wall between Mexico and the U.S., he got angry. “I did not agree with any of the words he said, not one bit. He is negative and nasty,” Andrew said.

But the young video blogger, although he can’t vote himself, is enamored by U.S. Democratic presidential candidate, Bernie Sanders.

“I like everything Bernie says, I like the way he treats Muslims. I’m fine about Hillary, but I feel that Bernie is more positive,” he said in an interview with Fusion. “Bernie is funny, interactive, he loves people, and doesn’t judge people from other races.”

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As is the case with the internet, Andrew does occasionally receive negative comments, some even accusing him of being brainwashed by his mother.

“I know my mom is doing a good job raising me and I am proud of her. She’s been here for me and helped me, it hurts a lot seeing negative comments about her,” he said.

Despite this, it seems his fanfare is reaching global heights. On a recent trip to Morocco, Andrew and his mother were stopped by a family who had two boys who were Andrew’s age. They requested that a photo be taken with Andrew, and thanked him for his positive videos.

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