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TeleSUR in Africa: Connecting the Global South

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Published 27 August 2018

From August 31st teleSUR connects the South

Kenya, Nigeria, South Africa, Ghana and over 20 other African countries will receive the signal from the Latin American based multimedia broadcaster teleSUR, through a partnership with Moja Media from August 31.

The histories of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean have been intricately intertwined since the Spanish empire's first invasion of the American continent and the start of the Transatlantic slave trade, which brought millions of Africans to the continent as slaves. These acts, which represent the beginning one of the darkest chapters of human history, were resisted on both sides of the Atlantic.


 After teleSUR Social Media Page, HispanTV's Accounts Blocked

Today, over 525 years later, teleSUR via its English multiplatform products, hopes to strengthen the voices in the fight against neo-colonialism and counter the narrative advanced by hegemonic media.

We think of the SUR (the South) as a political concept that defines the peoples in resistance, peoples who fight for their self-determination and defend their cultures as opposed to a system that imposes a single point of view.

Empires have historically plundered the African continent; the extraction of its mineral wealth has caused bloody wars, its fauna has been hunted as a sport, its waterways and air has been polluted and its population enslaved for centuries while plagued with famines, which have resulted in painful migrations. 

This continent is, however, a reference point for all of humanity's struggle, its people's commitment to defend it, has inspired thousands of men and women throughout the world and especially in Latin America and the Caribbean.

teleSUR is honored that our English signal will be transmitted in these twenty-five countries in collaboration with Moja Media. Our best technology, staff, and ideas will be pledged to this endeavor as we have done in the service of other communities in the global south. We hope this commitment will create space for Africa's realities and stories to be seen and heard in the most distant corner of the world. We also hope it creates internal discussion and awareness of the struggles faced by the peoples of Africa, Latin America, and the Caribbean.

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