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teleSUR English Removed From Facebook for Second Time

  • teleSUR English page has been removed from the social media site without any exact explanation so far.

    teleSUR English page has been removed from the social media site without any exact explanation so far. | Photo: teleSUR

Published 14 August 2018

This is the second time the teleSUR English page has been taken down by Facebook moderators. 

teleSUR English's page has been removed from Facebook for the second time this year without any specific reason being provided. It should be noted that the first time this occurred back in January 2018, Facebook did NOT provide any explanation in spite of our best efforts to understand their rationale. This is an alarming development in light of the recent shutting down of pages that don't fit a mainstream narrative. 

This is currently the only communication we have received from Facebook:


Your Page "teleSUR English" has been removed for violating our Terms of Use. A Facebook Page is a distinct presence used solely for business or promotional purposes. Among other things, Pages that are hateful, threatening or obscene are not allowed. We also take down Pages that attack an individual or group, or that are set up by an unauthorised individual. If your Page was removed for any of the above reasons, it will not be reinstated. Continued misuse of Facebook's features could result in the permanent loss of your account.

The Facebook Team"

Shortly after the news, the administrator of Revolution News informed from his personal Facebook page that he had received a warning from Facebook seconds after he had scheduled this very article to go on the Facebook page of Revolution News. 

Meanwhile, followers and supporters of teleSUR English sent out tweets and posts on Facebook and Twitters and other social media websites denouncing the unexplained action by Facebook and arguing that such move is rooted into Facebook's own bias against outlets and news organizations that do not fit within the mainstream media landscape. 
Also, several news outlets such as RT and Venezuelanalysis, which its own Facebook page was removed briefly last week, Democracy Now! and others reported on the news and expressed concern over the removal of teleSUR English page. 
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