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Tarek William Saab Appointed as Venezuela's Attorney General

  • Tarek William Saab

    Tarek William Saab | Photo: @VTVcanal8

Published 5 August 2017

Saab will also be in charge of restructuring the Public Ministry, as outlined in the emergency decree approved by the Constituent Assembly.  

Venezuela's newly-elected representatives of the National Constituent Assembly, ANC, have sworn-in Tarek William Saab as the Attorney General, following the removal of Luisa Ortega Diaz.

Venezuela Suspends Attorney General Pending Investigation

The state official took oath at the Federal Legislative Palace in the capital Carcas during the body's first session.

The ANC's President, Delcy Rodriguez, said the Attorney's role is to guarantee due process, oversee criminal trial proceedings, defend of the rights of victims and to combat elements which affect the peace and stability of the country.

On taking oath, Saab said “I swear for our comrades, for those who have remained loyal to the country's flag while they were facing the worst obstacles, who have not surrendered, who have not fallen, but maintained this flag high, worthy, so this flag would not be harmed, tarnished, humiliated, offended.”

He affirmed that he will honor “this historical appointment, amid historical siege circumstances which our homeland is going through, amid threats that we have faced with dignity, from the head of state Nicolas Maduro, to the most humble campesino, fisherman, father and mother.”

He went on to promise to “apply justice for all, in a balanced way, giving a message to the world that this is a substantial democracy that respects human rights, but with dignity and with honor.”

Saab has also been charged with restructuring the Public Ministry, as established by the emergency decree unanimously approved in the ANC plenary session.

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