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Sweden Raises Terror Threat to Second Highest Level

  • Muslims burn Swedish flag.

    Muslims burn Swedish flag. | Photo: X/ @Qoryooley000

Published 17 August 2023

The decision is not based on a single incident but rather on a strategic assessment.

On Thursday, Sweden raised the terrorist threat level to the second-highest due to several factors, including protests from various Muslim countries over recent Quran burnings.


Lebanon Suspends Cultural Cooperation With Sweden and Denmark

For the first time in seven years, the threat has shifted from the third to the fourth level on a five-point scale, now categorized as "high." However, intelligence services (Säpo) rejected the existence of specific suspicions and instead referred to a comprehensive analysis.

"We have found that the situation regarding the threat of an attack on Sweden has worsened and this threat will persist for a considerable time," stated Charlotte von Essen, head of Säpo.

Von Essen emphasized that the decision is not based on a single incident but rather on a "strategic and long-term" assessment, wherein Sweden has moved from being a "legitimate" target to a "priority" one.

"In our estimation for 2023, we observe that offenses against Islam can influence the terrorist threat," highlighted Ahn-Za Hagström, head of the Center for Terrorism Threat Analysis. 

Säpo also pointed to the worsening security situation due to the conflict in Ukraine and the threat from far-right groups.

The Quran burnings that occurred in Sweden have sparked significant demonstrations in Yemen and Iraq, where the Swedish embassy was also set on fire. Several governments of Muslim-majority countries have warned that allowing such acts could have diplomatic consequences.

Swedish authorities also confirmed last week an unsuccessful attempted attack on their embassy in Lebanon. An unknown individual threw an object resembling a Molotov cocktail at the embassy's entrance, although no one was injured.

Both the Swedish and Danish governments, where similar burnings of the sacred Muslim book have taken place, announced weeks ago that they are considering the possibility of restricting or prohibiting such acts near embassies. This proposal has faced criticism from political opposition in both countries.

Denmark and Sweden have reinforced border controls this month due to what they perceive as an increased terrorist threat.

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