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Supreme Court Finds in Favor of Mapuche Leader Facundo Jones

  • Supreme Court Finds in Favor of Mapuche Leader Facundo Jones.

    Supreme Court Finds in Favor of Mapuche Leader Facundo Jones. | Photo: TeleSUR

Published 23 January 2019

The Mapuche leader, currently serving nine years in prison, could now have his term nullified, tweeted journalist Juan Alonso.

The Supreme Court declared admissible the appeal for annulment in favor of Mapuche leader, Facundo Jones Huala, who is being held in Temuco prison.


Chile: Mapuche Indigenous Leader Facundo Jones Huala Condemned

The alleged cause is related to the use of intelligence law in criminal proceedings, where it's rumored that the Chilean government - specifically the Ministry of Security were illegally monitoring Jones Huala, and leaking secret documents to the Prosecution, thus violating espionage laws.

Chilean news organizaton Radiokurruf reports that the news gives "respite" to the self-professed 'Lonko of the Lof' (Head of the Family), who was sentenced in Dec. 2018 to six years in prison for arson on a Pisu Pisué farm in Río Bueno, and three years for illegal possession of weapons. 

Jones Huala was convicted of the crimes, which dated back to January 2013. Although sentenced to nine years, Jones Huala was to only spend five of those years behind bars, as the court counted the 1,178 days of preventive detention that the Mapuche leader served in both Chile and Argentina, in his favor. 

However, the Mapuche leader may not have to serve any time if the justice system finds the Ministry of Security guilty of espionage.

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