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Son of Nun's New Video Features Baltimore's Radical Activists

  • Baltimore local rapper Son Of Nun plays an important role in the community as an activist and musician.

    Baltimore local rapper Son Of Nun plays an important role in the community as an activist and musician. | Photo: Facebook / Son of Nun

Published 15 January 2017

The new music video and mini-documentary highlights past and present Black uprisings in the city in the wake of high-profile police killings.

Radical record label Firebrand Records, which is co-owned by activists and radical artists Tom Morello and Ryan Harvey, just released a hybrid music video/mini-documentary by Baltimore musician and organizer, Son of Nun.

Baltimore, Like Ferguson, Is a Hotbed for Rogue Racist Police

Released on Martin Luther King, Jr. Day, the video highlights past and present uprisings and their causes in the U.S. But the mini-documentary also features various current organizers in Baltimore and their visions for the city and how they plan to manifest them, a press release by Firebrand Records said.

“The video features interviews with people like former Black Panther Marshall 'Eddie' Conway, who's still active after serving 44 years in prison, and Tawanda Jones the sister of Tyrone West who was killed by police three and a half years ago.”

The video also aims to provide marginalized groups in the United States with “examples of different forms of resistance to the status quo,” the statement added.

Son of Nun has worked with various activist artists over the years such as Dead Prez, Immortal Technique, the Coup, Tom Morello, and Rage Against the Machine, and he has been significantly involved in the grassroots work in Baltimore.

“As an activist and organizer, he has rolled with student leaders of the Baltimore Algebra Project, the United Workers (and) the Right to Housing Alliance in Baltimore, among others,” the press release added.

The video provides a picture of how the city has been transformed over the past few years amid national unrest over high-profile cases of police killings of unarmed Black people.

While most people associate the city with the TV series “The Wire” and the massive protests after the police killing of Freddie Gray, the mini-documentary “reveals what people on the front lines are doing to make their city better, regardless of who's in office.”

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