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Shipment of Ukrainian Grain Arrives at a Türkiye Port

  • Ukrainian Razoni cargo ship anchored at the Istanbul port on Tuesday. Aug. 2, 2022.

    Ukrainian Razoni cargo ship anchored at the Istanbul port on Tuesday. Aug. 2, 2022. | Photo: Twitter/@india_narrative

Published 2 August 2022

On Tuesday, the Ukrainian grain shipment arrived in Istanbul after it departed Monday from the port of Odessa.

The Türkish Defense Ministry said that the first Sierra Leone-flagged cargo ship Razoni arrived late Tuesday in the port of Istanbul with Ukrainian grain. According to authorities, the Ukrainian cargo will be inspected. The cargo ship left the port of Odessa on Monday morning.

Coordination Center to Track Ukrainian Grain Ship Till Arrival

"The Razoni dry cargo ship, laden with corn, reached the Bosporus Strait from the Black Sea side. It anchored at the designated site," read the Türkish Ministry of Defense statement.

According to an earlier report, Sierra Leone was expected to anchor off the Bosphorus Strait at bout 09:00 p.m. local time.

Ankara informed that representatives from Türkiye, Russia, Ukraine, and the UN will be in charge of the process of inspection of the cargo ship, which will be carried out on Wednesday morning.

The dry cargo ship RAZONI, loaded with corn, departed from the Odessa Port of Ukraine yesterday, reached the Black Sea entrance of the Bosphorus and anchored at the place assigned to it.

After checking the crew's documents, cargo documentation, and the inspection of the ship, the representatives will sign the final protocol. The process is estimated to take several hours, and, should the coordination center not present any objection, the vessel might depart for Lebanon.

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